Like most people, I was deeply troubled by the death of Trayvon. Remaining as objective as I could, I personally analyzed the facts that were available and found it not only difficult but impossible to view his death as an accident or justifiable in any way. Once you are told by the police NOT to pursue an individual and you “choose” to ignore police orders, then anything that happens afterwards is 100% on you.

My sole motivation for writing this song was the simple fact that I myself have twin 16 year old boys, just a few months younger than Trayvon was when he was killed.  I can only imagine how terrified my sons would have been had they been heading home in the dark of night to discover that someone was following them.  Unfortunately I believe that no matter what Trayvon would have said or done, his fate was sealed because Mr. Zimmerman pursued him with the firm assumption that he was following a criminal, therefore everything Mr. Zimmerman did, or did not do was with that assumption in mind.  Trayvon did not have a chance.  If Zimmerman ignored police orders, what could Trayvon have said to stop him?

This song has received overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic feedback since I first posted it on YouTube on April 5 2012, however, I did get one individual who posted a comment accusing me of using this tragedy to make money.  To him or her I say that is simply not true.  First of all, for the last 15 years I have owned and operate a successful music production company and simply did not need this song to make money.  In fact I used a substantial amount of my own money to get this song produced, by hiring the very best in talent and studios to get it done.  The reason I am selling the song on iTunes and other sites is simply to be able to donate a portion of the proceeds to organizations whose only goal is to stop the violence in our communities and also hopefully recoup what I initially invested in the process.  This song is not just about Trayvon Martin, but about all the young lives cut tragically short by senseless violence across our country.  I am a songwriter and music producer, it is the tool and gift God gave me and I know how to use it well.  So I decided this was how I could give back and do something to help.  Those who know me personally know exactly where my motivation and passions lie. This means much more to me than a song, it is a cry for global change, a prayer that we and/or our children just might have a chance to live in a world where there is truly a value placed on human life.

Thank you for listening to the music. Please continue to share this song with everyone you can, and hopefully it can turn into a movement where kids all across the country will in fact see their 18th birthday and beyond!

Darryl Duncan
Songwriter & Producer     Email:

Written, Arranged, Produced & Recorded by Darryl Duncan, this song is dedicated to the memory of Trayvon Martin and all the young lives cut short by violence.

It's available now on iTunes, Amazon mp3 and other music sites. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to